Ipad will make you jump jump!


video analysis3

The Ipad has surely revolutionised PE. When I was considering whether to do my PGCE I started to look online for resources to see how I could catch up, worried that I was years behind my peers. One of the podcasts I began to listen to regularly was the PE Geek. I was acutely aware that during my time off to have my own children that technology had advanced.  The PE Geek podcast was a quick way for me to ‘catch up’ and find out which technology is assisting PE all around the world. I only had to listen to a couple of episodes to hear of the benefits of the Ipad.

I decided to trial using the Ipad with my Year 2’s. Some may have said they were too young and I was unsure how it would go. I wanted to use them as part of an athletics unit to develop the skill of jumping and it was brilliant.

In pairs the students had an Ipad and filmed each other. We then played back the videos they had made using the Slo-Mo function so they could analyse their take off position, flight and landing. It was a wonderful introduction to self and peer-assessment. The students were engaged in the activity and were improving their skills. We were able to follow up during the next lesson and link their videos to the big screen. The students loved it! Definitely an activity I will use again and one I recommend.

video analysis



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